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The Battle For Xilos

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Battle for Xilos includes a whole raft of new content – including rules for using allies and mercenaries in your force. New army lists for the Ghar Outcast Rebels, the mercenary Freeborn Adventurers and the Boromite Clans. A host of special characters, new troop types, new weapons and vehicles, and some rather scary creatures native to the planet Xilos.


  • 6 New Narrative Scenarios.
  • Complete Campaign System, inclusive of force and character progression.
  • Character building rules.
  • Rules for incorporating allies either by combining forces or hiring mercenaries.
  • Rules for the denizens of the planet Xilos
  • New Ghar Outcast Rebel Army.
  • Two new Mercenary army lists, The Freeborn Adventurers Army and the Boromite Clan Army.
  • Army list updates for Isorians and Algoyrn.
  • Updates for Concord Commander Josen and Ghar Rebel Leader Fartok.
  • Rules and Background for four New Characters; Boromite Guildess Arran Gestalin, Freeborn Adventurer Amano Harran, Ghar High Commander Karg and Isorian Drone Commander Xan Tu.
  • New troop types including Isorian Pulse Bikes, new Drone types, Ghar Outcast Support weapons and the Rebel Creeper.


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