T-34/76 Medium Tank

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With over 84,000 made and innovative design features, the T-34 tank design is arguably the most important tank of all time. The T-34/76 first saw action in late 1941 and stayed in service until the 1960’s.

A rugged, no-nonsense anatomy and wide tracks enabled it to cope with the mud and snow of the Eastern Front and was a significant leap forward in tank design. It’s reliability, ease of manufacturing and maintenance, married with its perfect combination of thick, sloped armour and an efficient gun, along with extreme sturdiness, enabled the T-34s to run circles around the struggling German hardware.

This kit allows you to assemble the tank as either the 1941, 1942, or 1943 pattern T-34/76 – each with their distinctive turrets.

Box contains:

  • 1 plastic tank
  • Construction leaflet
  • Decal sheet
  • Bolt Action stat card
  • Vehicle damage markers


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