Strike on Kar’a Nine

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Strike on Kar’A Nine is an introductory set for Beyond the Gates of Antares. Containing Algoryn and Concord forces, dice, rules and templates plus a fold-out battle mat and cut-out terrain. Everything you need to get started with the game.

Every battle is a tense affair thanks to the order dice draw system with both players constantly being involved in the action. Epic defeats and narrow victories will be enjoyable when you venture Beyond the Gates of Antares.

The full colour Getting Started book is designed to coach you through, making your first steps as exciting and as simple as possible. With a series of scenarios that gradually introduce the mechanics of the game. Each scenario introduces new rules, culminating in a final battle using everything in the box, where you will use all you have learnt.

Strike on Kar’A Nine contains:

  • 1 64 page mini rulebook
  • 1 44 page Getting Started Book
  • 6 Order dice (3 Maroon & 3 Olive Green)
  • 1 pin marker frame
  • 1 blue templates frame
  • 15 Algoryn troopers
  • 10 C3 Concord troopers and spotter drones
  • 2 C3D1 Concord Light Support Drones
  • 1 set of polyhedral dice
  • 1 paper battle mat
  • 2 cut out scenery sheets


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