Start Collecting! Slaves to Darkness

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 Time to unleash your inner evil overlord! The perfect place to start your Chaos collection, Start Collecting! Slaves to Darkness. Whether you want a Slaves to Darkness force or one dedicated to one of the four Chaos Gods, this box gives you a decent starting point.

Designed for the Mortal Realms, these push-fit models are only found in this set and make the ideal basis for your army. Indomitable Chaos Warriors hold the line, Chaos Knights crush their foes beneath their hooves and a mighty Chaos Lord mounted on a Karkadrak, seeks immortal glory. This set is the best place to start assembling your Chaos Horde. With optional heads for the Chaos Warriors meaning, you’ll be able to ensure your models look distinct, even if you’ve bought this set before.

Set contents:
Chaos Lord on Karkadrak, with the options for helmeted or unhelmeted heads.
5 Chaos Knights, with the option to build a Doom Knight equipped with a Cursed Flail and Chaos Runeshield.
10 Warriors of Chaos, with the option to build an Aspiring Champion and a choice of helmeted and unhelmeted heads, with a mix of female and male faces.


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