Space Marine Predator

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The main battle tank of the Adeptus Astartes, the Predator boasts both formidable firepower and reinforced armour. Capable of being fitted with numerous weapon loadouts, this engine of war performs admirably whether spearheading armoured assaults, hunting enemy armour or escorting Space Marine infantry or transports through hostile territory.

The Predator based upon the Rhino chassis, sacrifices transport capacity for improved frontal armour and turret-mounted armament. With this kit you can build a Predator armed with an autocannon or a twin lascannon mounted in the turret. You have the option of adding two sponson-mounted weapons, either heavy bolters or lascannons. Also included are an optional storm bolter and hunter-killer missile.

This box set contains one multi-part plastic Space Marine Predator tank. This 94-piece kit includes components to make all of the weapon options available in Codex: Space Marines, including: a twin-linked lascannon, a pair of lascannon sponsons, an autocannon, a pair of heavy bolter sponsons, a storm bolter and a hunter-killer missile.


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