Space Marine Devastator Squad

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Space Marine Devastators, support troops who truly live up to their name, through stunning displays of brutal firepower they deliver the Emperor’s judgment. Missile salvos rain down upon ranks of enemies, the very earth melts into craters as it is hit by blasts of scorching plasma, tanks explode in a crescendo of destruction as lascannons punch through their thick armour plating and the humming drone rises to a terrible crescendo, as the target of the Devastators grav-cannons is reduced to nothing more than memory and dust.

This multi-part plastic kit contains everything you need to build five Space Marine Devastators.
You have the option to assemble one as a Space Marine Devastator Sergeant, with three Sergeant heads included and any of the following weapon options:
Combi Plasma, Combi Melta, Combi Grav, Combi Flamer, Bolter, Storm Bolter, Plasma pistol, Bolt pistol and Grav pistol;
Power Fist, Power Sword, Power Axe, Lightning Claw, Chainsword and Thunder Hammer;

These models can be assembled in classic Devastator poses complete with targeter helmets and castellated greaves designed to counter the immense recoil thrown out by their heavy weapons, which include;
Two Grav-Cannon and Back Pack Assemblies;
Two Missile Launcher and Back Pack Assemblies;
Two Multi Melta and Back Pack Assemblies;
Two Lascannon and Back Pack Assemblies;
Two Plasma Cannon and Assemblies;
Two Heavy Bolter and Back Pack Assemblies;

The kit also contains a whole host of extras, to personilse your Devastator Squad including; Five Purity Seals, two Servo Skulls, a pile of spent shells, a skull base piece, six sets of legs, six Sergeant hands and eight Space Marine shoulder pads.

Kit comes supplied with 5 32mm Citadel Round Bases.


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