Repulsor Executioner

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Executioners can unleash a punishing fusillade of their primary armaments, whether armed with macro plasma incinerators or heavy laser destroyers, these combined with various secondary weapons, such as a coaxial heavy onslaught gatling cannon, two krakstorm grenade launchers, two storm bolters, a twin Icarus ironhail heavy stubber, an ironhail heavy stubber and finally a hull mounted twin heavy bolter, to blast the enemy into ruin. Whether used to escort troop-carrying tanks, or as transports for specialist Primaris squads, this makes the Executioner a versatile armoured vehicle.

A multipart plastic kit comprising of 150-components. Which can be assembled with or without a gunner, who can be built in a variety of ways. There are also eight pieces of optional stowage and two antennae that can be used to decorate the vehicle.
A Citadel 100mm Round Base with clear hover stand, which can be set at an angle, adding a certain degree of camber to the model.


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