Psychic Awakening: Phoenix Rising

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The first book in the epic Psychic Awakening series

Phoenix Rising – part rules manual, part thrilling narrative, in this guide you’ll find, perhaps one of the darkest challenges the Aeldari have ever faced – and perhaps, their greatest opportunity.

You’ll discover, through enticing lore, the consequences on the various factions of the Aeldari, of the opening of the Great Rift, from Commorragh to the Craftworlds. Ancient schemes come to fruition and a civil war between the Ynnari and their rivals brews.

Inside this 80-page hardback book:
Background – the full impact that the Great Rift has had upon the Aeldari, examining the rifts formed between various factions in their society, the increasing belief in Ynnead, the predations of Slaanesh, and more!
Missions – recreate some of the most pivotal battles the Aeldari fought during the psychic awakening, and bring your battles to some of the most pivotal sites of conflict
Expanded army rules – Craftworlds, Drukhari and Ynnari – updated datasheets for Jain Zar, Howling Banshees, Drazhar and Incubi and new updates for The Visarch, The Yncarne and Yvraine.
A system that allows you to build your own Craftworld Attributes, Kabals, Wych Cults and Haemonculus Covens.
Warlord Traits, Stratagems, the Revenant Psychic Discipline, Relics of Ynnead and more!


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