Panzer IV AUSF. F1/G/H

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The iconic German tank of World War II, the Panzer IV saw action from the invasion of Poland, through to the fall of Berlin. The Panzer IV with its sound design, was constantly updated, giving it a longevity well beyond that of its contemporaries. By mid-war it was packing a deadly 75mm long-barrelled gun, giving it great hitting power. Better mobility and its armour beening doubled in places increased its survivability greatly .

By the time of massive battles in Russia Panzer IV were also carrying the detachable side armour known as schürzen. This was due to the threat from Russian anti-tank rifles and, latterly, by Allied bazooka style weapons. Propaganda headlines may well have gone to the big cats, the Panther and the Tiger, but the Panzer IV was the backbone of the Panzer regiments!

CONTENTS: One 1/56 scale WWII Panzer IV- built as: Ausf F, Ausf. G or Ausf. H. Optional Schürzen. Bolt Action Stat Card. Construction Leaflet and Damage Markers.


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