M4 Sherman (75)

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The Sherman Tank was the main stay of the American army, alongside the Soviet t34, was arguably one of the two most important tanks the Allies had during the war. With nearly 50,000 of all variants built by the end of the war, this meant that the US, the British and the Russians fielded these war machines in great quantities. The reliable design of the M4 Sherman was developed into several variants during the course of the war, even seeing service in conflicts after 1945.

The introduction of the Sherman, provided the Allied tank crews with a design that was vastly superior to the German mid war Panzers. Without the armoured support of Shermans the break out from the Normandy beaches and the bocage could never have been achieved. Although they had their weaknesses and soon they would be outstripped by German tank development, their impressive adaptability, firepower and large production numbers enabled the Allies to over power the Germans and Japanese.

This 5-man crewed behemoth had 76mm armour and a 75mm gun, the M4 and its variants fought from Africa, into Italy, throughout the Pacific theatre, North-West Europe, on the Eastern Front and finally into Germany itself!

Box Contains:
One Plastic M4 Sherman Medium Tank (1/56 scale).
Bolt Action stat card.
Full colour decal sheet.
Construction Leaflet.
Damage markers.


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