Lady Olynder Mortarch of Grief

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Lady Olynder is the Veiled Queen of the Nighthaunts, the Mortarch of Grief. She is gloom given form, the manifestation of despair. In her are bound all the sorrows and anguishes of the Mortal Realms. She exudes mind-crippling waves of pure desolation, only the strongest willed Mortals can stay upright. The weak willed fall to their knees, mentally battered by hopelessness. It is potent enough to cause a mother to forsake her child, a warrior to lay down his sword and flee from her presence, to stop a beating heart. She carries the Staff of Midnight and is accompanied by two Banshee Hand Maidens. Each carries a gift, one an hour glass gifted by Nagash himself and the other a casket, its contents unknown.

23 components make up this Citadel Miniature, comes supplied with a 60mm base.


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