Genestealer Cults Abominant

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The Abominant is a champion amongst the mutant aberrants of the cult. This misshapen, demented brute is a wrecking ball of muscle and chitin, it swings a heavy bludgeoning instrument as if it weighs no more than a switch of willow. Only when the Abominant crushes all before it in a spasmodic frenzy, it’s roaring scream a mixture of anger, pain and self-loathing, does the true horror of its existence become clear. A diminutive bio-psychic construct given life in the slurry found in a Patriarch’s lair guides the Abominant this creature is the Mindwyrm Familiar.

A devastating close combat specialist, able to deliver huge amounts of damage with his power sledgehammer and rending claw. The Abominant gives Genestealer Cults a melee-focussed HQ choice. The Mindwyrm Familiar protects the Abominant and nearby friendly units from psychic attacks.

This pack contains an 11 part plastic miniature which makes an Abominant guided by a Mindwyrm Familiar. It comes supplied with a 40mm round base.


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