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The Churchill, undoubtedly one of the most successful and famous British tanks of the Second World War. One of the heaviest Allied tanks of the war, it featured thicker frontal armour than that even of the Tiger! Although it suffered from being under-armed, it was nevertheless loved by its crews, its cross-country ability was unrivalled and it was less inclined to ‘brew-up’ from a direct hit than the Sherman.

The British Army adopted a doctrine centered around the use of light, fast ‘Cruiser Tanks’ coupled with slow, better armed and armoured ‘Infantry Tanks’ and the Churchill was a prime example of the latter .

Prime Minister Winston Churchill, whom the tank was named after, was involved with the development of the tank as a weapon during the First World War.

The Vauxhall motors built Churchill was the basis for a slew of variants from the MkI to the MkVII . Other versions would see more specialist engineering equipment added including bridging equipment, minesweeping devices and a ‘close support’ option armed with a 95mm howitzer!

In this plastic kit from Warlord and Italari you get 7 turret variations allowing you to build the following marks:

  • MkIII – with 6pdr gun
  • MkIV – Cast turret with 6 pdr gun
  • MkV – Cast turret with 95m Howitzer
  • MkVI – Cast turret and Welded turret with 75mm gun
  • NA 75
  • AVRE with 290mm Petard Mortar


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