Cadian Command Squad

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If Astra Militarum operations are to go smoothly, a substantial command structure is needed in this vast fighting formation. Company Commanders hand-pick a retinue of battle-scarred veterans which support them in the field. They can either lead the charge into the heart of enemy line or form the immovable centre of the Astra Militarum line. The Officer is usually accompanied by a Special Weapons trooper, equipped with one of the many specialist weapons afforded to them, a Medic equipped to deal with most battlefield trauma, a communications trooper equipped with a Vox-caster and a Gaurdsman who carries the Company Banner.

This box set contains the 79-piece kit needed to enable you to assemble five specialist troopers, including: an Officer, a Medic, a Special Weapon Trooper, a Vox-caster and a Guardsman with Company Banner.
The squad can be armed with a choice of weapons including:
Sniper rifle.
Heavy flamer.
Plasma gun.
Grenade launcher.
Melta gun.
Power sword.
Plasma pistol
Bolt pistol.
And Lasaspistol.
Also included are two different Company Banners, nine different guardsman heads and additional pieces to allow you to customise the rest of your Imperial Guard squads.
Comes supplied with 5 25mm round bases.


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