British & Canadian Army Infantry 1943-45

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A British infantry squad, normally consisted of ten men and was referred to as a section. A section was divided into a separate rifle group, led by a corporal armed with a rifle or pistol and Bren group which had a lance corporal in charge. All the section members apart from the corporal carried ammunition for the Bren – 700 rounds in 25 magazines in all. In addition, all men carried grenades. Additional weaponry was acquired as the war progressed. Thompson or Sten submachine guns would be issued to the section leader and/or second in command, though these were sometimes quietly ‘lost’ to avoid making themselves obvious targets for snipers. Late in the war a second Bren was added to many Veteran sections, whether this was officially part of their issue or not.

Trained to conduct amphibious landing operations, all three Canadian infantry divisions participated in landings at Dieppe, Sicily, Italy, Normandy, the Breskens Pocket and the Rhine crossing. The 3rd Canadian Infantry Division conducted so many amphibious assaults they earned the nickname ‘The Water Rats’ from Field Marshal Montgomery. Canadian infantry sections were organised in the same way as the British sections. Due to the Canadian practice of employing MMGs and HMGs on Universal Carriers, from 1943–45, spare Bren guns also became available to some infantry sections. 

This fantastically detailed brand new plastic kit for the British and Canadians allows for a myriad of customization options. There are a possible 396 variations that can be made BEFORE the consideration of optional heads and additional accessories such as maps, waving arms and binoculars.

This new kit is jam packed with optional extras, with various head options, such as steel helmets, assault helmets and Tam o’shanter caps for Scottish or Canadian troops.
Includes the following weapon options:
Lee Enfield No 4 rifle
Bren light machine gun
Sten sub-machine gun
2-inch light mortar
PIAT anti-tank projector
Webley service revolver
Mills Bombs
And additional accessories and command options.



  • 30 Plastic Infantry
  • Plastic Bases
  • Assembly Guide
  • Full Colour Waterslide Decal Sheets for both British & Canadian Troops



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