Astra Militarum Sentinel

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A one-man all-terrain bipedal vehicle, the Sentinel is used by the Astra Militarum where mobile patrols, in the hands of a skilled operator, must traverse across rough terrain, or when firepower is rapidly needed in response to a threat.
Sentinels are nimble and fast for walkers of such size, these machines are able to traverse even the most rugged terrain. Sentinels are equipped with a variety of weaponry, multi-laser, heavy flamer and autocannon, being chosen to deal with enemy infantry and most light vehicles. With lascannon, plasma cannon and missile launcher being the choice for targets which are more heavily aromured.

This box contains all of the components needed to make either an Armoured Sentinel or Scout Sentinel, and includes two Cadian and two Catachan pilot heads. Includes optional accessories such as a Sentinel chainsword, searchlight and smoke launchers
Also supplied are all of the weapon variants including:
Heavy flamer.
Plasma cannon.
Missile launcher.
Model supplied with a Citadel 60mm Round base.


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