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    Batteries with more energy that last longer are the golden key to unlocking more affordable electric cars. The technology could allow Tesla and its battery partners to produce units with far more energy density (meaning longer ranges) and a longer usable life.

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    Beyond that, WBMS will provide greater scalability, making it easier for GM to offer a broad range of electric vehicles, everything from high-performance sports cars to family-friendly crossovers to heavy-duty trucks. And that’s exactly what the automaker plans to do. Shared battery components make it far simpler to bring vehicles to market since engineers don’t have to develop specific components for every make and model or put together new wiring systems for each vehicle application.

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    Subscribe to the Roadshow newsletter, receive notifications and see related stories on CNET. The main headlamps and high beams, meanwhile, are tucked into smaller grille openings below the DRLs.

    The biggest change for the fourth generation is the bold new exterior design, which Hyundai calls “parametric dynamics.” The 2022 Tucson looks fantastic from nearly every angle, starting with the aggressive, conceptlike front end. There you’ll find a massive geometric grille that integrates 10 “half-mirror type” daytime running lights that are perfectly hidden when deactivated, but reveal themselves when lit.

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    It’s a potentially massive breakthrough for batteries, and it seems like the most likely piece of news we’ll get from Battery Day so far. So this is a new cell, produced at Fremont and is central to the battery day announcements and new production process on Battery Day. Tesla sent out its Battery Day invite, above, with a peculiar pattern of dots and clustered lines, which led experts to surmise we’re looking at a teaser for the technology. We could get something even more interesting in the weeks to come.

    18650 > 2170 > #TeslabiscuitTin September 15, 2020

    Silicon nanowire anode
    What the heck is a silicon nanowire anode?

    The Tesla “Biscuit Tin” has arrived. Musk is pretty unpredictable, amaron 42b20l so who knows?

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