Unboxing Primaris

This is a little bit of an unboxing series to show you just how Games Workshop has advanced over the years. I am building up a collection of Primaris Marines for the 13th Legion or the Chapter of the Ultramarines….depending on your outlook!!

First up is the Primaris Chaplin. The spiritual leaders of the Space Marines, they make sure that the their Battle Brothers are toughened spiritually to fight the Emperors many enemies. Not totally infallibly as the one played by the War Doctor (John Hurt) in the Ultramarines Movie was corrupted (side note this was the first sci-fi movie that Sean Pertwee lived through!!).



The Primaris version has an imposing presence, keeping the skull faced mask associated with the Chaplins, armed with the absolver bolt pistol and a crozius with its wings hidden inside the staff. A new hooded cassock adds to the imposing nature of this version.


My final image is a comparison picture that shows an early metal Chaplin, as you can see he is on the small side, but the visuals are the same. As mentioned you still get the skull mask and the crozius is there, but the Primaris Chaplin in a proper good update.

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