Why are some people so mad about silver bordered cards in commander?

Hello friends, it’s been awhile. When it was announced that silver bordered cards would be legal in commander the internet erupted. People were not happy about the ruling. Why, do they just hate fun?

Not at all. I saw a few differing points of view on the subject and I think the best went something like this:

“OK, imagine you’ve come down to your local store to player your weekly commander. You shuffle up, are ready to start and someone places down the full planecase deck and planar die and says this game will be a planechase game. OK sure, why not. So you play through the game, shuffle up and get ready for a second game, where you’re told it will be a planechase game again. OK, I kind of do want to play a regular game of commander at some point today but sure. You play out the game again, shuffle up and get told it’s planechase again and will be, for over a month.”. It’s not going to take long before you want to play regular commander again.

I like this example because it resonates with me, I do enjoy planechase but only in small doses. I wouldn’t be happy about an announcement that from now until mid February that all commander games had to be planechase. Now silver bordered cards are completely different to planechase but the point is, you don’t have a choice. They are still legal, at time of writing, for at least another week. It would have been better to announce it as an alternative format or subformat. Uncommander does exist, though not in any official capacity. This would have allowed those who welcomed these changes to keep them going without messing with the existing format.

Personally if I hadn’t heard of the announcement, I wouldn’t have noticed. To my knowledge the only person in the A&B commander scene who put a silver bordered card into their deck was me. Even then, as “Grimlock, Dinobot Leader” is a Autobot on his front side, I have only seen him off of Gishath’s ability and then put him on the bottom of the library. Rip me.

The biggest gripe I have with it though is that damaging cards is a possibility with silver bordered cards. They did acknowledge this and banned nerf war. They only banned nerf war, not chaos confetti or blacker lotus. Now nerf war not only has nerf darts being shot at your deck but then your cards are going to go all over the place, it’s a recipe for card damage.

However this is nothing in comparison to the combo that allows you to take your opponent’s turn, make all of your opponents cards blacker lotus and tear them all to shreds. Now realistically, this would never happen, you can concede at any time and even if you couldn’t, no one can stop you picking up your cards and leaving. My issue isn’t that the combo exists, it’s that it remains legal. They banned Nerf War because of the damage it could do to cards and in the same announcement acknowledged the possibility of the blacker lotus/chaos confetti combo but that they weren’t going to ban the cards. Amazing.

I looked into buying a Super Secret Tech for Gishath, as the deck is mostly foil. I decided it wasn’t worth around £8 to get a card that was only legal for a few weeks. I don’t think the majority of players just have silver cards lying around and why pay to change your deck for a temporary rules change?

A lot of people think Sheldon is bad for the format. If you don’t know, Sheldon is an ex-l5 judge who is on the rules committee for commander. He was the one who made the announcements. Now I don’t think it’s all Sheldon’s fault but I will say this much: It says alot when your fun Christmas announcement was ignored by the community at large.

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